Got Ice Certified and performed a recovery.

Today, I completed the last dive required for my PADI Ice Diver certification. It was a great day to dive as it was sunny and the air temp was above freezing. The air temp is very important because when it is really cold (below freezing), gear starts to malfunction due to ice forming inside of it. The sun was bright enough to allow me to see without a flashlight during my dives.

We started the dive with a leisurely swim along the bottom until we reached a rope that was connecting underwater attractions. We decided to head to the right and wound up at an old boat. There were a few other divers present that were diving from a different hole, so we didn’t spend a lot of time there. We started to head back toward our hole and I had a brief communication with the diver that was tethered to me to verify everything was ok and that she still had enough air.

Before the dive, I was informed about a carabiner that had been lost 2 weeks prior in about the same place. I checked with the diver tethered to me and verify we still had enough air to stay down and that she wasn’t cold. I got an ok, so we started swimming just above the bottom diligently searching for the lost treasure. After a short time, I spotted the bright metal carabiner laying in the muck. I grabbed it with my gloved hand and it immediately stirred up a cloud of dirt. I increased my buoyancy slightly and raised out of the cloud. I checked with my dive buddy and verified that everything was still ok. After an affirmative, I attached to carabiner to my BC and we started our assent.

We made it to the hole and out of the water without any problems. I was happy to have my certification, and even happier that we did not experience any problems during the days dives.